About Us

Pharaoh Nails and Spa was founded in 2009 by Ryan and Natalie with a vision to transform what is means to provide a luxurious nail and spa experience in this modern day and age. Our company’s mantra which states “it’s not just the service, but the experience” is something that we take too heart and will always strive to uphold here at Pharaoh Nails and Spa. We are in the business of providing the most genuine experiences for every customer that walks through our doors; In fact we want each and everyone of our clients to feel like an old friend from the moment, they walk through our doors each and every time.

A few things that we do here at Pharaoh Nails and Spa that separates us from the rest of the nail industry is that we believe that instilling appreciation to our customers is the main reason we are successful. That said we provide a rewards program for each and everyone one of our customers whom visits our stores to accumulate points, which will allow them to get a discount on our services here at Pharaoh Nails and Spa. Aside from racking up some free money, we take great pride in providing a clean and safe environment to each and every one of our customers. We absolutely do not cut any corners when it comes to the sanitation, and hygiene preparation of our services.

Lastly, Pharaoh Nails and Spa was founded on the belief that Customer Service is what really separates a company from ordinary to extraordinary. That is why we strive to uphold the best customer relationship with Honesty, integrity, and accountability!